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A business lunch, aka power lunch, can contribute in a very positive way to start up and/or contain a valuable web of networks. An inspiring location while being able to enjoy a variety of delicious and pure meals and drinks is certainly inherent to this. Venneper Lodge makes sure to offer you and your company all you need for the perfect meeting time. Would a brunch, high tea, high wine or dinner be more appropriate? Please share your wishes with us, because to us the sky is the limit! 

A happy place 4 all ages

Where do you find that one restaurant that has it all for all? Happy kids AND happy parents? Play fun till you drop and relax to the max? The most delicious and pure meals for baby bellies and a bit bigger ones? Look no further, because Venneper Lodge is your new place to be! Indoors you will find a true paradise for kids including ball pool and cinema. Outdoors your children are able to enjoy a playground with lots of opportunities to climb, dig, build, run and even play ball on a soccer field. The youngest guests are assured of hours of play fun, so you are able to have a real conversation while enjoying our food and drinks. Venneper Lodge in three words: All.You.Need.

Cups & Cakes

What image pops up in your mind when you think of a High Tea? That will probably have something to do with enjoying the most delicious teas and tarts while chit chatting with your favorite people. Savory & sweet. Scones with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. And of course drinking REAL tea the way it’s meant to be. This is what you were thinking of, right? At Venneper Lodge we will make sure that you and your company will be absolutely pampered with the best food and drinks. You can even choose yourself if you feel like starting with the savory of sweet course. Whatever you are into at that moment. Feel like spoiling yourself even more? Go for the High Tea Deluxe which includes a glass of prosecco as a welcome drink and a delicious smoothie between the two courses. At Venneper Lodge it is also possible to bring your children to the High Tea. They can join in eating and drinking and have fun in the ball pool, cinema, playground or soccer field. Meanwhile you are relaxing, sipping tea and enjoying all the yumminess that is offered. How lovely is that?

Coffee Lovers


Life can be so simple. 'Poor me a delicious cup of coffee and I'm happy' is what many people can relate to. The professional baristas at Venneper Lodge know the way to your heart by serving fresh roasted coffee that will make your lips curl.