• Feel at home at Venneper Lodge! Whatever the weather may be, the Venneper Lodge is your place to be. Young and old, big and small, active and calm, private and casual; this place welcomes everyone in the most friendly way. Enjoy the most delicious food and drinks, yummy-in-your-tummy pancakes, a luxury High Tea, business lunch, freshly roasted coffee, an indoor and outdoor playground (+ cinema!) and most of all the warm and happy vibe you experience while visiting Venneper Lodge. This always makes you want to return as soon as possible! Check out our website for all the possibilities Venneper Lodge has to offer.

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A happy place 4 all ages

Where do you find that one restaurant that has it all for all? Happy kids AND happy parents? Play fun till you drop and relax to the max? The most delicious and pure meals for baby bellies and a bit bigger ones? Look no further, because Venneper Lodge is your new place to be! Indoors you will find a true paradise for kids including ball pool and cinema. Outdoors your children are able to enjoy a playground with lots of opportunities to climb, dig, build, run and even play ball on a soccer field. The youngest guests are assured of hours of play fun, so you are able to have a real conversation while enjoying our food and drinks.